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Live Wedding Painting

Creatively Weddings, led by passionate artist Shanna Cramer, offers a live wedding painting experience aimed at immortalizing the unique love stories at the heart of every wedding. The live wedding painting service transforms special moments into timeless masterpieces through an interactive and engaging spectacle, inviting guests to be part of the artistic journey. With a focus on the plein-air approach, Shanna captures the ambiance and emotions of the celebration, creating an evolving masterpiece that mirrors the spirit of the wedding day.

The live event painting process involves on-site execution during the wedding and reception, with the final touches added in Shanna’s studio. Clients can choose from various scenes for their personalized masterpiece, including the first dance, first kiss, recessional, and bouquet toss. The completed painting delivered a few weeks or months after the celebration, serves as a cherished heirloom capturing the magic of the wedding day.

Creatively Weddings aims to cater to individuals who value art in their lives, seek the expertise of a professional artist for their wedding, and aspire to have the best for their special day. Clients can book their date or ask questions to begin the journey of bringing together the love of art with the art of love.