Wedding painting progression showing the completion level by the end of the wedding and the after studio touch ups.

What is the LIVE Wedding Painting Process?

Have you ever wondered about the ins and outs of LIVE wedding painting? Allow me to walk you through it.

For starters, at a typical wedding, I make an early entrance to survey the scene, assess lighting, and kick off the background painting – all well before your guests even arrive.

Choosing the Scene

When it comes to selecting the scene, having a couple of options in mind is a smart move. For outdoor weddings, having an indoor backup location is advisable. And don’t forget to consider the vibe – will your scene unfold during the daytime or under the stars?

Let’s say you’re leaning towards the first kiss as the focal point. By the time the wedding kicks off, the background is pretty much set, awaiting those final details. If I find two individuals of similar height to step in as stand-ins for the couple, I’ll sketch their placement. As the first kiss unfolds, I’ll be right there, capturing the perfect scene with my camera. Using that photo as my guide, I’ll work on completing or nearly completing the painting during the reception.

The Wedding Painting Reveal

Fast forward to the night’s end, and it’s time for the big “reveal” of your live wedding painting. Feel free to check in on its progress at any point throughout the day. Post-celebration, I’ll take the painting back to my studio, adding those final details and giving it the necessary time to dry. Patience is key with oil paint, so this part can take a few weeks.

Wedding painting progression showing the completion level by the end of the wedding and the after studio touch ups.

The left image depicts the painting’s progress after the wedding, while the right one showcases the finalized piece after completion in the studio.

Getting Started

Ready to lock in your wedding painter? Secure your date online with a $300 down payment. We’re in demand, booking two years in advance, so early booking is recommended if you’re keen on having this at your wedding.

Once you’re on board, we’ll dive into discussions about colors, your wishlist, and framing options. If you’re into a framed masterpiece upon delivery, you can choose from a select few styles. To ensure a seamless match with your style and decor, it’s advised to take your painting to the professional framer of your choice.

Questions before taking the plunge? Feel free to reach out via call, email, or message. I’m here to make your wedding vision come to life! 🎨💍