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Live Wedding Paintings

Bringing together the art of love with the love of art.

Sommer and Josh Wedding

Capturing the Essence with Passion

Whether outdoors or in an intimate setting, the artistry lies in infusing the canvas with the surrounding energy. The viewer should feel transported to the wedding scene, fully immersed in the moment.

Elevate Your Wedding

Elevate your wedding experience with a live painting, capturing the romance and beauty of your unforgettable day.

Passion and Creativity

Shanna Cramer blends passion and creativity to craft personalized wedding paintings that tell your unique story.


Experience the joy of seeing your love story come to life on canvas, a beautiful reminder of your special day.


Shanna Cramer specializes in capturing the emotions and atmosphere of your wedding, creating a work of art that lasts a lifetime.


We work with your photographer, videographer, DJ, Venue, and Wedding Planner to ensure your wedding runs smoothly.

On Location

Serving Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota. We can travel to other areas.

Bringing together your love of art with the art of love.

Shanna Cramer

Artist, Creatively Weddings

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  • Finding The Right Wedding Painter For You

    Finding The Right Wedding Painter For You

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